Microservices and Distributed Computing

Microservices and Distributed Computing

“Enhance your app value with our robust microservice architecture.”

Facing issues in managing your large applications? No worries, our microservices and distributed computing are here to resolve every issue of yours.

Our microservices mold modern cloud applications by breaking apart individual components as independent services that are disciplined on specific business capabilities. It is basically an approach to distributed computing that makes large applications more manageable and building a reliable distributed system by integrating new as well as traditional technologies.

TECH ANAND RATHI assists enterprises in revamping their legacy IT systems with flexible, independently deployable microservices applications. We develop API management platforms to provide the security, visibility, adaptability and reliability, essential to run microservices architecture efficiently and effectively. With our microservices and API solutions, organizations can iterate quickly, simplify deployment, and drastically shorten time-to-market.

microservice and distributed computing

Our Offerings:

  • Robust in-house frameworks to build custom microservices
  • Devoted centers for microservices
  • Feasibility analysis of microservices
  • Secure partner eco-system
  • Open source expertise
  • Re-useable assets for quick implementation


Benefits of Microservices and Distributed Computing:

As a microservice application provider, we work on the division of a system into independent services that are flexible, robust and composable. Each microservice is executed on a different platform with a different programming language. Listing out some of the benefits associated with microservices and distributed computing:

  • It makes it easier to build and maintain apps
  • Real-time processing support
  • Better scaling
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Flexibility in using technologies
  • Increased resiliency
  • Efficient system optimization
  • Facilitates Rapid growth
  • Fault isolation
  • Language flexibility
  • Service-specific database
  • Improved productivity and speed
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Faster project development
  • Increased ROI


Goals of Distributed Computing:

Today, many big companies are investing millions in technology so that they can provide better service to their customers. Distributed computing has three major goals:

  1. Resource Sharing:

With distributed computing there is no need to maintain storage for each application, it makes it easier to share any resource among applications.

  1. Abstraction:

It abstracts processes and resources from the users.

  1. Openness:

It allows a team to easily replace or add new components without disturbing other components.

microservice and distributed computing

Why Choose Tech Anand Rathi?

With a unique understanding of customer needs and requirements, our teamwork really hard to deliver quality products in the shortest time possible. Our over-the-top microservice architecture features keep us above our competitors.

  • Provide utmost security for customer’s peace of mind.
  • Provide flexibility and customization.
  • Provide scalability in every discipline
  • Resolve complex issues.
  • Provide pocket-friendly architecture
  • Provide innovative solutions
  • Work with speed and agility


The evolution of Information Technology has completely changed business processes. IT has now become an integral part of every organization and used as a key to transformation and more revenues. In all the chaos our microservices and distributed computing can prove to be miraculous for your organizational working and maintaining of painful large apps. So, what are you waiting for? To know how we could help further, contact us today!