How to Choose Best Software Development Model between Agile & Waterfall?

best software development model

Which is Best Software Development Model ?

One of the most difficult decisions a firm faces while the project implementation decide How to Choose Best Software Development Model for their working? The topic comes with never ending discussion and debate. Development models in simple words mean the way of assembling the work while developing software.

The two most popular methodologies are:

  1. Waterfall Methodology – Traditional Approach
  2. Agile Methodology – New Approach

The above technologies are involved in the software development process from quite some time but both have their own way of working. Let’s discuss both of them in detail

The Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall technology denotes a linear sequential model in software development. It has the following phases which follow precise linear order.

Requirements :
At the beginning only, all the customer requirements are gathered so the client is not involved in the forthcoming phases.

After gathering and analyzing the requirements, the design for the system is prepared. It’s like preparing a blueprint for the project.

The coding of the software is done at this stage. Algorithms generated at the designing stage are converted into a programming language.

To remove bugs, if any testing of software is done. After which software is handed over to the customer.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT):
In this stage users test the software before launching it to the general public.

Once the software is handed over to the customer, he may find some errors. The production team is required of every customer issue until he is not satisfied.

The model does not allow the beginning of the next phase until the previous phase is completed. If the team wants to go back to the previous stage, they have to start the whole process from the beginning.

Pros of Waterfall Methodology
  • Since project requirements are gathered well in advance. Planning and designing becomes easy and clear.
  • Exact cost, resources and completion time of the project is known at the beginning of the project.
  • Customers do not add any new requirements in the middle of the project. Hence, delays are curtailed.
  • The whole process is well documented.
Cons of Waterfall Methodology
  • It’s very difficult for a customer to articulate all the project requirements at the beginning.
  • If the customer is dissatisfied at the testing phase, it becomes expensive to do modifications.
  • The linear model does not come with flexibility.
  • One can’t expect early delivery of the project.

The Agile Methodology

It included programming, project management and development that break down the entire software lifecycle into sprints. It is a flexible and iterative approach which is of great help when a client frequently changes his requirements.

The following steps are followed while implementing agile model:

  1. Plan: Analysis of client’s business requirements and plan the further proceedings.
  2. Design: After planning, user friendly design for the software.
  3. Develop: Thereafter, the developing and designing team together builds the software.
  4. Test: One cannot move forward without testing the developed software. In this step the bugs if any are detected and resolved.
  5. Release: Software released for further evaluation at customer’s end.
  6. Feedback: Whether to move forward with the next sprint or make modifications to the previous one totally depends on the feedback received.
Pros of Agile Methodology
  • Full involvement of customers.
  • Customers can modify requirements at any stage.
  • Faster and high quality projects
  • Seamless project management
  • Strong team interaction
Cons of Agile Methodology
  • Documentation is often neglected
  • Testing is the ongoing process
  • Dedicated team is required
  • Delivery date can’t be same as committed

Waterfall vs Agile

Both the methodologies have their pros and cons. It’s important to decide which model can best suit your project requirements. If you exactly know what to accomplish, go for a waterfall but if your requirements are subject to alterations then agile model will work for you.
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