Our E-HR software which we developed, optimized and revamped in 2016 is a function of HR that is concerned with the use, management, and regulation of electronic information and processes within an organization. It is a function of human resources that requires cross-functional knowledge and collaboration between multiple departments, most notably human resources and information technology. With 3000+ employees, the application is been used every day by all the business users.

Form 5 & E-HR

Form 5 is a feature which is developed for manpower planning of the organization and the E-HR module has been created to manage human resources in an efficient manner.

Separation & Referral

Separation module is effective for the Resignation Management System and Referral module is used for employee referral system. Employee can refer his/her friend by providing personal & organizational details.

Training & Appraisal

Training module is used for Training Management System and Appraisal module is used for Employee Appraisal which includes all details of an employee required for appraisal report.

New Joinee Connect & Internship

New Joinee Connect module is used by HR to manage the data of new joinee who has joined the organization and being activated in system. Internship module is used to manage data of new interns.

Payroll MIS & Reimbursement:

Payroll MIS is used by payroll management for managing payroll data & its report and Reimbursement module look after the reimbursement of the amount to the employee on approval by the concern authority.

Mobile App

For the ease of employees, we are planning to launch AR employee App. The app will further facilitate the individual to have E-HR access at anytime and from anywhere.