Benefits of Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology in Software Development

Beat the Competition with Agile Methodology!

In this ever-evolving world of software development, it becomes difficult to fulfill client requirements and create a firm spot in the competition by still sticking to the traditional methods. We follow agile methodology to secure a competitive edge in the market for our businesses. Agile Methodology primarily showcases modern-day working and promotes iterative development throughout the software development life cycle of the project.

Reduce cost by 30%

Accelerate time-to-market by 35%

Achieve 100% business transparency

Benefits of Agile over Traditional Approach

In recent years, agile has grasped the world of project management and programming development by a hailstorm. Everybody is discussing this methodology. The business world is changing quickly and that is the reason organizations are searching for cycles, approaches, and procedures that could help them with maintaining a business with no glitches. In traditional methodology evaluation once done are not rephrased, but in Agile methodology evaluations and plans are reviewed in each repetition, which leads it more close to reality.

Companies are regularly seeking to bring products to market more speedily, while still maintaining high standards in terms of quality. Tech Anand Rathi helps you execute these rollouts of the product quickly with high quality and scalability. Bring agility to your product deployments with a lot of other benefits.

Development Team

Manage Delivery Easily

High Productivity

Easy Maintenance

Through Testing

Scrum Master

Quick Planning

Task Level Tracking

Awareness To Current State

Quick Issue Addressing

Product Owner

Align Project With Business

Prioritize Work Easily

Quick Delivery

Maximum value propagation

C-LEVEL Executives

High Visibility

Strategic Approach

Efficient Planning

Futuristic Approach

Benefits of Agile Methodology in Software Development

Our Process

We at Tech Anand Rathi work in sprints which usually lasts for 2-3 weeks and every single team mate has to complete the tasks assigned to them. At the end of every sprint, we abide the corresponding deliverables. It showcases the progress of our team and further enables us to make improvements in the next round of deliverables. This practice allows us to update our clients on a regular basis and receive feedback for changes, if any.

Create Backlog

Derive 2 Weeks Sprint


Assign Task To Sprint


Test The Build

Deploy & Monitor

Get Expert Advice on Agile Methodology

Get Expert Advice on Agile Methodology