We designed and developed ARIAbot (Anand Rathi Intelligent Assistance) Tech Anand Rathi - Chatbot framework is a type of conversational agent, a computer program designed to imitate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users in natural language via auditory or textual methods.

Customer Support

The feature showcases User account information, Product technical support, Client Statements/Reports and Incident/Regulatory Report.

Sale and Advice

Our sales and advice section includes features like Make an order, product demo and ask for personalized advices.

Internal Support

The internal support encompasses of features like Helpdesk and Human Resource support.

24x7 Service

It’s always available for client to provide solution. Client can deactivate his account at mid night easily, in case of any mishap.

Natural Language Processing

Sometimes customers query don’t fit in our amiable question set, then we have options for client to write his own problem thereafter our NLP server Rasa process and provide available help/support pages and blogs links according to their problem.

Mobile Friendly

The UI of the ChatBot is mobile friendly and doesn’t require any learning curve. Some reports like daily transaction reports are simply available in mobile inbox.