QA Automation Testing Company

QA Automation Testing Services

QA Automation Testing Services

Any product life cycle Quality Assurance and testing are incredibly crucial and should be executed efficiently from the earliest phase of the undertaking. Quality assurance services have gained ample importance where outsourcing and offshoring is a traditional practice. Tech Anand Rathi has been offering QA services to its fulfilled clients all over the globe.

10 years of experience in delivering software testing services.

25+ full-time QA experts experienced in complex tasks

10 years of involvement with QA consulting and outsourcing

In-house Quality Management principles

Our Offering

Testing is an integral part of the software development life cycle. We involve the QA team from the initial phase of the project right from architectural planning to improve and validate every stage of the project. We encourage our QA team to write test cases from the end-user scenario.

In the development cycle, the test effort will be engaged by various software advancement models. We use Agile methodology, by which an expanded part of the testing is coordinated in the hands of the engineer before it arrives at a team of testers. Subsequently, the product experiences different testing stages before being deployed.

QA Redistributing

A devoted team of QA engineers we execute end to end testing all through the software development life cycle to guarantee that all the modules of your solution work as planned beginning to end.

QA Counselling

We assist you to disclose the root causes of your quality issues and address them by playing out a QA process audit and arranging required QA measure enhancements.

Testing Administrations

Tech Anand Rathi dedicated test team takes control over a section or the entire scope of your testing activities, taking full responsibility for the test cycle and quality of software.

Quality Evaluation

Tech Anand Rathi reviews your product from various points, including code quality, usefulness, convenience, execution and security and furnishes you with a detailed report containing the list of the various detected issues and views on the best way to fix them.

QA Automation & Testing Services

QA Automation Testing Services

Functional Testing

Verifies that features look and work as expected according to design specifications

Ensures Security and Safety.

Improves the Quality of the Product.

QA Automation Testing Services
QA Automation Testing Services

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing lets us ensure that critical product functionality is working well.

Integration Risk is Minimized.

Progress is Easier to Access.

QA Automation Testing Services
QA Automation Testing Services

Regression Testing

Confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features.

High-Quality Software

Timely Intervention

Test Automation Company
Test Automation Company

UI Testing

Verify that the product’s graphical user interface meets the specifications and approved design.

Reduces the Number of Risks.

Ease of Use and Learning.

Test Automation Company
Test Automation Company

Performance Testing

Determine the speed, responsiveness and stability of network, software program under a workload.

Identify Discrepancies.

Improve Optimization and Load Capability.

Test Automation Company
Test Automation Company

Security Testing

We engage dedicated teams on the project to ensure the focused approach in the development and delivery.

Detect and Arrange Security Threats

Meet Monitoring Necessities

Automation Testing Company

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If you ought to garner the benefits, then you can always leverage Tech Anand Rathi's Software QA Automation Testing Services. As Automation Testing Company we are a notable Automation Testing Company, developed best automation testing practices, framework and strategies to test your application. Underneath are some of the features that we possess :

24/7 Technical Support.

Accurate Results & Fast Testing

Skilled Automation QA experts

High-end Tools & Innovative Tactics.

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