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big data consulting services

Big Data Consulting Services

The term “big data” describes the data of an organization which is so vast, fast or convoluted that it’s crucial or impossible to operate it using traditional methods. The act of penetrating and storing large volume of information for analytics has been done for a long time. But the concept of big data attained popularity in the early 2000s.

3 Vs of Big Data:

Industry analyst Doug Laney introduced three Vs in connection to Big Data in 2001 which are defined as follows:

  1. Volume: Volume indicates the amount of data. In an organization the data is not only generated internally by employees but also by partners, customers, machines etc., hence the volume increases continuously. Therefore, it becomes necessary to manage and analyze them. In many organizations the data might be of hundreds of Peta byte or Exabyte.
  2. Velocity: Velocity indicates the speed of data processing. It determines the rate at which data is received and is executed. Due to abundance of data, chances are that the processing becomes slower. Big data helps in fast processing of incoming data, so to avoid any blockages.
  3. Variety: Variety indicates the number of types of data which incorporates both structured and non-structured data. Variety is basically is an act to segregate the incoming data into diverse categories.

Importance of Big Data:

Big Data enables in following business activities:

  • Identifying Fraud
  • Product Development
  • Client Feedback
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Innovative Working
  • Machine Learning
  • Cost & Time Reduction
  • Smart Decision Making
Our Big Data Consulting Services:

For 5+ years, Tech Anand Rathi has been designing and carrying out big data analytics solutions that allow organizations to convert raw data into valuable insights and further helps in their business growth.
We mobilize big data potential in numerous domains to the maximum and assure ROI on your big data investments. We aid you in generating meaningful insights from your big data; hence we bring multiple data sources under the canopy of an allied big data solution.

Big Data Working:

Being one of the leading Big Data consulting companies, while getting started with big data analytics, we keep in mind the following action points:

  1. Integrate: Big data gathers data from various applications and sources. At the integration stage, we compile the data, process it, and make sure that it’s formatted and accessible in a form that it could be worked upon easily.
  2. Manage: As Big Data service providers, we help you in managing your storage of data. You can easily store your data as per your requirements, be it on premises or cloud or both.
  3. Analyze: Big Data investment actually pays off when the data is being analyzed. We assist you in doing the same, and put your data at work.


Our dedicated consultants of big data helps the clients in the recognizing the true value of business in big data platform. We provide a comprehensive roadmap on the technologies of big data and a structure of reference accompanied with best possible practices for implementing the technologies.
At Tech Anand Rathi, we analyze the instinctive opportunities of Big Data with the aim of developing the future of ingenious analytics for the same. Bet on us, as your Big Data consultant, and we vow not to disappoint you in any aspect.