Software Development Methodologies – Agile, Scrum, Lean, Waterfall…

Software Development Methodologies

Software development methodologies and techniques play an important part in managing the project success rate well. There are different types of software development processes and methodologies & all have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The Software development method is a plan of action for designing, developing and Upholding programs.

Software Development Methods, Approach & comparison are the part of frame which is used to plan & Structure the process. Opting the correct software development methodology for your product depends vastly on your team size, goals, and various factors.

Different types of Software Development Methodologies

Agile Methodology
Agile Methodology is a type of software development methodology which is used to design a trained software management process.
Advantage: Agile Methodology adapts according to the change in clients requirements
Disadvantage: Lack of Clarity & vision due to a shortage of documentation.

Scrum Methodology:
Whenever there is a need of speedy software development approaches, scrum methodology comes into force.
Advantage: Team takes the principal project decisions & feedback cycle is quick.
Disadvantage: Scrum Methodology doesn’t work for large size projects.

Feature Driven Development Methodology:
Feature Driven Development Methodology is always driven by larges sized teams.
Advantage: Successful and efficient development due to the large size team.
Disadvantage: Not suitable for small projects or individual developers.

Lean Methodology:
Within a limited budget and less workflow lean methodology develop software in one-third of the time.
Advantage: In this software development methodology the product is delivered in an early stage.
Disadvantage: Too much flexibility to a developer can lead to lost in focus.

Waterfall Methodology:
It is the most traditional methodology & very popular version of the system development life cycle in software engineering.
Advantage: Due to unbending model it’s easy to manage and save a lot of time.
Disadvantage: You cannot use the software until it reaches to the last cycle.

Prototype Methodology:
Prototype Methodology allows the developers to make the prototype of the software.
Advantage: Analyze errors and risks before the development of the software.
Disadvantage: It muddles the work process of the entire software development team.

Spiral Model:
A Spiral model calculates the risk which can affect the development and how to handle them.
Advantage: Avoid the high risk which can badly affect the software.
Disadvantage: It’s the costly model.

Extreme Programming Methodology:
It is used for complicated projects which are needed to be done in a fixed deadline.
Advantage: Cost-effective method for software development
Disadvantage: You cannot judge the software development cost in the beginning

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