AI in Mobile Application Development

ai in mobile application development

AI in Mobile Application Development

The emergence of bright machines capable of solving difficult problems in a way that only humans could formerly hasn’t gone overlooked. AI technology has been evolving and improving. Because of its capability to learn, AI is broadly used in many domains. Artificial Intelligence escorted prominent changes in the open world of app development. When it comes to upgrade business relations, growth, and suppositions, AI in mobile app development has got the peaks that cannot be missed by anyone looking to make significant contact in the business world through technology.

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The Future of AI In Mobile Application Development

Based on the Statista report, by the year 2025, the growth of the artificial intelligence in mobile app development software market worldwide will reach $89 billion. AI is more than smart technology. Of course, it’s being used for solving complex issues that were hard to resolve in the past. One of the best things about this technology is its capability to draw out insights about your users for reaching the output you desire.

“By 2021, 40% of organizations will use enterprise architects to help ideate new business innovations made possible by emerging technologies.”

– Gartner

Feel AI in your Hands

The intelligence of AI can recognize user behavior and provides an in-depth vision of customer fondness in a short time. Promoting mobile applications with a personal touch always helps businesses widen traffic and sales which eventually results in a higher rate of investment and increased engagement.

Take Starbucks for example, the famous coffee company came up with AI- enabled mobile app that lets users place orders via voice command or messaging to a virtual barista. It also took the next step on its journey to provide better personalized customer experience by offering one-to-one offers tailored to each user based on their purchase history.

Intelligent Prediction

A mobile application entirely might not understand the language of the users. That’s when the new concept of predictive replies arrived. A predictive reply occurs when the user and the device communicate through AI technology which recognizes the message and responds to it accurately. AI withdraws the information from the current data sets to control the current state and predict the outcome.

The good example of this is, Google, who came up with a Gmail app. The main feature of this is the ‘Smart Reply’ that uses artificial neural networks to send suitable responses to the email messages.

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