Cloud Migration Services


In simple words, “Cloud Migration” means moving your business’s applications, data, emails, and other business components to a cloud computing environment.

An enterprise can perform numerous types of cloud migrants, which are as follows:

  • Public Cloud:

The most common model is transferring data or applications from on-premises, legacy infrastructure to the public cloud.

  • Cloud-To-Cloud Migration:

Another way of cloud migration includes moving data & application of business from one cloud provider to other, which is termed as “cloud-to-cloud migration”, eg. Moving data from Azure to AWS Services.

  • Cloud Repatriation:

The third way of migration of the data is known as reverse cloud migration or cloud exit or cloud repatriation wherein an application or data is transferred from the cloud to a local data center.

Cloud Migration Services:

It refers to the manner in which your business’s data and applications migrate to the cloud and the products you adopt to get there. Some cloud providers like Google, AWS, and Azure themselves help businesses in the process of migration. However, if an enterprise is missing technical skills, prefers to take help from IT companies. Cloud Migration Services take care of your requirements, budget, and security while the process of migration takes place.

Benefits of Cloud Migration:

The main benefit of any cloud migration is to move applications and data in the most effective IT environment possible, based on factors such as security, cost, and performance. Therefore, the benefits of Cloud Migration include the following:

  • Scalability:

Cloud Computing allows an enterprise to enlarge or curtail resources as required. Hence, it’s highly scalable. So, if in any case, you want to accommodate more data, the cloud provides enough space.

  • Security:

Today 91 out of 100 financial service companies are dependent on Legacy IT, which does not guarantee the security of the data. Cloud Computing however offers uncompromised security when it comes to protecting your data.

  • Cost-Effective:

Undoubtedly, the cost of many organizations has been reduced by 30-50 percent from the use of cloud technology. This happens because a firm has to pay only for the services they require rather than paying a hefty fixed amount as in the case of hardware.

Stages of Cloud Migration:

The migration process takes the understated path:

  1. Discovery:

Firstly, we understand and evaluate your current business environment and discover the reasons for the migration.

  1. Decision :

Based on the evaluation, we decide as to which cloud platform or model is best for your business needs.

  1. Transition:

After deciding the right platform, we prepare an embellished transition plan wherein the business-related applications and data are migrated to the cloud

  1. Training:

Once the migration is done, we train the personnel, so as to fix any issue that might come up with the cloud habitat.

TechAnandRathi- As your Cloud Migration Service Provider:

Cloud migration is not a very complicated process. It in many ways, frees an enterprise from the trouble of managing n number of things. Application on the cloud also aids in the growth of the company. We as cloud migration service providers, move your business to the cloud – skillfully and quickly. We offer a collection of AWS, Google, Azure, and Heroku migration services, so your business can get the support and guidance required to operate optimally. We frame architectures based on a comprehensive analysis of your needs, simultaneously managing your workloads in the entire lifecycle.